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Got my official weigh-in yesterday and it wasn't the prettiest thing the world. Actually, it was barely a weight loss at 0.1 kg, which is the smallest amount they measure. Well, 0.2 pounds, but I don't like that system. There were a few things I did wrong. Fluffy seems to think that me not eating enough is contributing to the slow weight loss, and she might be right. I have been struggling all week to actually eat my full points. Normally, I'm shy 5-15 points a day out of my 44. I just get obsessed with work and, well, forget to eat. That and we took the new guy out for chicken wings about three hours before I weighed in.

So, this next week, I'm going to behave much better. I swear! We are also moving our weigh-in day to Mondays, not because of the chicken wings, but Fluffy's new job starts Tuesday nights. Actually, it looks like she's basically on second shift for the length of this job. We are both nervous about it, but I have faith that it will work out in the end. It also means that we are going to cram "together" time on Sunday and Monday nights.

I also stayed up late last night to reformat my laptop, which always takes twice as long as I think it would. But, it now has a brand new XFS file system and will let me write stories/novels upstairs with Fluffy instead of down in my "man cave". I need to rewrite at least three outlets to make this happen properly, a lot of two prog ones, but I'm getting nicely down the getting settled path. After that, I have a MythTV box to move up stairs, a remote to get working with videos, and moving the boxes out of the garage.

An exciting time, right now, filled with a great wide plain of opportunities. And doors. Hundreds upon thousands of doors spread out before us. I'm kind of cheerful about that.

As a side note, Fluffy reminded me to just "not be depressed".