Mothers, writing, and documentation
Weight Loss (4.8 of 14.7 kg)
College Petitions (2 of 4)
MfGames CIL (9 of 22 tasks)

(I know I said I'd talk about Glorious Saber and artwork, but I decided it sounded too whining so I just canned it.)

My mother came into town this weekend on her way up to teach a class. I was hoping it was for her other company, but... oh well, it is here life. Nice visit though, mainly talking about random things while plate after plate of sushi showed up at our table. She ordered about 30 pieces too many for the group of four, including Fluffy. I try not to over-order on sushi, mainly because the flavor changes so much overnight and my contribution to the order ended up being exactly what I could eat. Except there was only one sushi chef and they were swamped. So service took three hours for our food to show up. That gave us a chance to talk.

Nothing really meaningful, but she made a joke that actually got me worried. She's been falling a lot. She didn't come out and say it, but she jokes about a few nasty falls and Fluffy said that a friend of ours (who works for her) said that she is falling more often. It isn't normal of her to keep secrets like that but in other ways, I'm not sure how much I'm going to really worry about it. I'm trying to pull away from her to get a clear head, but it is something I'm going to keep an eye on. You never know if falling turns into something worse.

In more cheerful news, I got a 93% or A on my college course. Only two more to go, including the capstone project, and I should have my masters by the end of the year. I'm still hoping to get my petition out by the end of the weekend, but I suspect the MfGames CIL release won't be until next weekend. It is all those documentation steps I want to get done before I finish.

Technical writing is an interesting best. It is far different than writing fiction and very different from my non-fiction writing. I have a separate voice for all three types of writing, just as I have a fourth for academic writing. It is hard, actually, to write documentation for libraries like this. Mainly because it is done last, but also because it sometimes is really hard to explain why you did something that works well in code. "Just because" is a horrible thing to write in documentation. For some, I reverted to just explaining how to use it, but for others, I explained why I use it, so people understand the decisions behind what I wrote.

So, programming and writing and school this week.