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A few days ago, I made a comment to Fluffy that I wanted her to park in the garage when she comes home first. I don't know why I can get cranky after getting home, but in that case, it probably came off harsher than I wanted to. She, naturally, asked why and I said that I felt uncomfortable parking underneath the tree since some of the branches looked dead.

The next day, as I pulled into the driveway, I saw a huge branch sitting right where I parked the day before. No one got hurt of course, but it felt strange sitting at it, realizing that my gut feeling the day before was a very real thing.

Kind of cool too.

Not very productive this weekend so far. I finished cleaning up my code for MfGames CIL and a ton of documentation. I am seriously and utterly tired of documenting my library and I probably short-changed the last few pages because I just couldn't do it anymore. I plan on getting the release out probably on Tuesday or so.

I also consolidated my emails a bit. Now, I only have my two spam collection ones (which people keep on using though I ask them not to), and one for each byline I use. It will be interesting to see how it works, but I need to have less boxes lately. I don't check my Yahoo or Hotmail ones at all these days, unless someone tells me to. Too much spam, pure and simple.

Getting anxious to write again and I'm planning on it for this coming week. I need to ignore code for a while, except for random banging on the keyboard, and start working on my two commissions. I also need to work on my personal projects a bit, too many books that need editing (um, 4) and one to write still.