Salmon Pink Shinesman... away!
Weight Loss (4.1 of 14.7 kg)
College Petitions #3
DG Edit (3 of 34 chapters)

Okay, completely and utterly obscure reference. If you like parodies, check out the Power Rangers parody, Shinesmen. Wonderful little sense of humor with quotes like:

Business cutter attack! Ineffective as usual!

Well, I just sent out the third petition for college. Only came out to 28 pages but still a pretty solid example that I know project management. Or, I hope it will be a pretty solid example. We'll find out in 3-4 weeks. I'm not planning on waiting for this one to be accepted before finishing up number four. I want them off my priority list and to work on other, more enjoyable, things.

Speaking of enjoyment, tweaked my website design a bit further. Uses a bit more dividing lines and I got this really cool watercolor effect with some alpha channel PNG's. It also broke up the side navigation bar from the main. I did that so I could put a textured background on the main block of the page. Normally, I'm not fond of image backgrounds at all but I think the mass of black on white needed a bit of structure.

I'm struggling a bit with the first three chapters of DG. I found some of the things that bothered me from the original draft, but my writing skills have changed since I wrote this. The introduction, which I liked before, I felt is a bit too... bland to be a good novel. So, I'm using this as a chance to clean up my beginnings and see if I can make this one really grab the reader.