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Got a chance to see my website with the new Firefox 3.5 Beta. I got curious since 3.5 is supposedly the first Firefox that will be able to handle web fonts, a way of putting a custom font on a website without fancy tricks. Previously, I used sIFR, but I don't like hack solutions for changing fonts, no matter how elegant or impressive. The site looks so much better, using Underwood Champion as a font. It looks like Courier, but has a lot more character to the text and gives the entire thing a nice feel.

So, in anticipation of it coming out, and my desire to get rid of sIFR, I decided to clean up the site a bit. I switched the banner to the right and integrated the web fonts a lot more. It goes with that "important" need to have a right banner than a left; it doesn't really manner which side but I kind of like it on the right at the moment.

Sadly, the Windows version of Firefox 3.5 isn't as pretty as the Linux version. The Linux renders Underwood Champion beautifully but I can't get my Windows machine to render that font without it looking like someone write it out on a moving truck. No doubt, it is settings on my computer, but I'm still holding my breath.

Still, it feels good to play around with web design and avoid what I should be doing, like working on my petitions or editing DG. I got into the third chapter of DG when my laptop started acting up last night. For some reason, I couldn't check in any changes, but I could if I copied them manually over to my desktop. I got around it, but it took me a little bit. Things seem to be working correctly now, so I'm anxious to get started.

I also got distracted with a little short story. Just an idea I want to get out of my head. So, I'm working on that while trying not to think about my inability to eat solid food for the third day in the row.