Being lazy for productivity

Weight Loss (8.3 of 14.7 kg)
Commission (3,673 of 15,000 words)

In this week of downtime, I decided to finish updating some of my websites. After trying to get WordPress to play with my personal site theme, then with Simple Machines Forum working with my Moonfire Games site, I realized that all these software applications need to stop making their own special way of doing themes and find a way of getting some convergance. I've encountered this same problem when playing with MediaWiki (my old Moonfire site), Mantis (the bug-tracker I use), DokuWiki (my main wiki now) and a score of other applications.

Depending on my energy level, I might give up on my current attempt to cram the MfGames site theme into SMF and come up with a system of making a generic theme engine that I can integrate into all of those. It would really help since I have 3 major sites that I would like to see converted this week into 7 different web-based applications (3 DokuWiki, my WordPress blog, 2 SMF forums, a Mantis BT).

And fighting the urge to create a new typewriter font for my personal site because I hate the entire quagmire of copyright of the fonts I do find. I like giving away my stuff too much and it is frustrating that I can't get Underwood Champion to look good on Windows XP, even if I install it properly and use it in Microsoft Word. Interestingly, I found a decent font I could scan from my old medical procedures books, but I wish I had some old newsprint or scans of a proper typewriter to convert into a font. I really like the rough text of Underwood Champion and I think it adds a nice flair to my main site.