Distraction powers, activate!

Weight Loss (8.3 of 14.7 kg)
Commission (4,227 of 15,000 words)

Well, Friday has come around and I can't say I got everything done that I hoped. Not that I ever seem to finish my entire to do list when I have weeks like this, but I got a reasonable amount of them that I don't feel that I completely and utterly wasted the weekend. Given the number of times I got distracted over at Armor Games and Kongregate, I'm going to say I got to the "fun" things. Just not the ones that I planned on enjoying, like playing on the PlayStation or programming a game. Oh well.

My commission is kicking my ass. Four days of working on it and I can't say that I've gotten more than a quarter done. And I'm not exactly happy with the bits I do have, but I'll keep plugging on it.

I did get pretty good progress on a theme framework for web applications (I'm calling it WTF for web template framework). I have a DokuWiki and WordPress themes that use the same centralized style and it seems to work out pretty well. It even has a test page to test the style.

Tonight, I'm going to dinner with the in-laws and tomorrow we have board game night (*squee*), so this week is pretty much over for projects.