A short little trip

My planned vacation of heading up to the cabin for the weekend has taken a few hits over the last few weeks. Fluffy couldn't make it because of work, exhaustion, and other factors. I figured this was okay, my dad is up there and I'll just spend the weekend reading, writing, and walking.

Last night, found out my laptop won't boot. And I can't comfortably write by hand anymore, so if I can't recover it in the next hour or so, it's going to be a weekend of reading and walking. Which is a bummer, because I really was looking forward to writing.

But, I'm planning on having fun anyways. I'm sure I'm completely unprepared for this, it has been a few years since I went up to the cabin, but if I can't write, I do have a ton of books I can bring.

It will also be weird not having Fluffy along. I know she has to work, and she hurt herself today, but I also know that my dad is really looking forward to seeing me. I did consider buying a laptop, but I really shouldn't and I would spend more time here in Iowa trying to get it installed "properly" than actually driving.

Oh well, have a fun weekend!