Writing and support systems

It is amazing the emotional ups and downs when it comes to writing. I'm redrafting Flight of the Scions 10 right now, but I just submitted Flight 3 to the writing group. Unlike the first two chapters, three wasn't received as well. It was also the first chapter I didn't redraft. Apparently, I still don't see certain phrases or types of words when I edit, but I'm getting to the point that new stuff doesn't have them.

Redrafting isn't really an option for the entire book. I need to come to a conclusion on this project and rewriting everything just to correct English may not be the best use of my time. I already added two chapters for a total of thirty-four.


My current goal is to get to Flight 12 by the end of the holiday weekend, which would put me over 35% completion. Once I finish this round of edit, I'll work on Author Intrusion for finding some of the phrases I can't seem to fix. If I can work on that program for 1-2 months, I should have a fairly solid piece to send out to beta readers in September.


Related to the emotional ups and downs. After submitting to the group, I was feeling a bit down and said so on Twitter (probably not the best place). It originally wasn't a cry for help, but a good online friend, Melanie Niles, picked up on it and gave me a nice pep talk. I think having a support system is critical for longer projects. I need people to burble at, to crow about successes to help me slog through the nasty blocks (Flight 10 for example).