Productive weekend

I just finished a remarkably productive weekend. I'm about halfway through chapter 16 on edits, though I'm thinking about breaking it into 3 chapters to get a better POV in the middle and build the plot. I'll worry about word count later. I also merged the edits from the writing group for chapter 3 in, did a quick edit pass on 4 before sending it out for this week's presentation.

I also reformatted three of my old novels, mainly to take advantage of Lulu's "free proof copy" special. These are novels that, like MG, probably won't sell well but I'd like to clean them up and publish them properly for a long tail. Plus, I love learning typesetting and there is something about producing something that looks good and I can be proud of. All three novels, however, require a fair amount of copyediting, so it will be another year or so (if ever) before they are actually published.

In the process, I reorganized the common Makefiles and stylesheets that I use to convert the Creole-based text files into pretty PDFs, HTMLs, and plain formatted files. I also figured out some of my font problems with FOP and get those properly resolved to generate the file. There are a few minor issues, such as FOP not embedding Times-Roman, but things are almost press-ready coming out of my toolchain (see below).

I also went to a coworker's daughter's 1st birthday party. If anything to get an idea of what I'm going to experience in a month when EDM turns one himself. It was... loud and Fluffy mocked me for wanting to keep the Tinkerbell stickers for my work notebook. Because I still hold a flame for her. :P

I also updated my Python writing toolchain with a few new features. Mainly to export attributation with the blockquotes and format them as quotes. That will make the text look more logical for the writing group folk who hate my paragraph numbering (but I love when they can say "paragraph 23 sucks" or "swap paragraph 213 and 215"). At some point, I need to buckle down and document the writing toolchains so I can release it. Not sure if anyone else will use it, but it works out nicely for me.

At least until I can finish Author Intrusion which has a much larger scope that includes almost everything mfgames-writing uses.

The current plan is to finish the editing for FOTS, then send it out to beta readers. While that is happening, I want to get Author Intrusion to the next milestone and usuable for the final round of editing (which should only be minor) on FOTS.

I also want to fix some bugs with LJXP when I finish editing. And maybe the JavaScript web theme engine.