Weekend dealings

It was a fairly productive weekend just now. The main thing is that I got about half of the antenna installation done on Sunday. Because of parenting schedules, I started a bit late and got too much sun and heat, but the antenna is up on the roof. There are two wires hanging from it, but I needed a crimp-on F-style connector (the twist-on wasn't getting around the quad-shield RG6). And probably some good way of punching through the house (I have a drill). It feels fairly sturdy, but I'm not exactly sure how solid the antenna mast should be; 1.5 meters of 4 cm diameter metal is going to bend no matter what I do.

I also worked on my Javascript theme engine. And learned how to do SMIL in SVG. So, I have my first animated SVG button. Probably won't work on Internet Explorer, so I'll have to find an alternative, but it is fun. Plus, it gives me an idea for web comics, if I ever get back to it.

I submitted two chapters to the writing group. We have a limit of 10k words and chapters 6 and 7 were 10,654. So I trimmed off 700 words to submit it. I read in a lot of places that a "good writer" can easily trim off words, but that was not easy. I'm not sure how I'm going to remove 35k words without cutting entire chapters.

I also ended up working... a fair amount. That part was frustrating as was having to wait 2-6 hours to find out if something worked.

What I didn't do is get enough sleep.