The beta copies for FOTS showed up

When I decided to have beta readers for Flight, I remembered someone said they used Lulu to print off a copy and use that for reviewing. I decided to do the same thing. It was cheaper to print, easier to manage, and the perfect binding was a lot sturdier than if I just printed it off at work... I mean, at the printing shop (because I would never use a work printer for something that big). Today, they came in.

I browsed through one copy and already found a few typos. But, I'm still looking for something to cut and I just can't see it yet. *sigh* Minor typos and fixed, yes, but sections to cut, no.

Since there are four languages in the book, I am considering using an entirely different font for some of them. The italic for one is rather subtle, not sure if I like it, but I think the telepathy needs something more than » and « instead of ” and “. I'd love opinions; I'm afraid it would be too gimmicky but on the other hand, it would help with the feel of the different languages.

I'd love to do Ruby Markup for the foreign languages, I think that would be awesome for three of the languages. I always see telepathy as how they did it in Empowered, with secondary thoughts and images. Putting those in as Ruby would (if your browser supports this) «I like cheese.Cheese is smelly!»

My dad and I were talking. He read my first book, but in the time since then, he stopped reading because it hurts his eyes. Instead, he switched to audio books. Even the automated text to speech stuff (like the Kindle) is better for him. If I go the self-publish route, I might be able to make a MP3 of the book with different voices for the characters mainly using text to speech libraries and enough specialized programming based on the book. Might be fun to try out and it would have the benefit of "reading outloud" for me.

Needless to say, I'm rather excited.