As usual, a productive weekend

Had a fairly productive weekend. EDM was with his grandparents from Friday to Sunday, so I didn't have the parenting distraction.

First thing I did was investigate why the OTA antenna wasn't working. Apparently it was one bad connector, which was the first one I took apart to binary identify the problem (cut a problem in half and test which side was wrong). A rotate of the antenna later and I got a great signal and about 6-10 channels. The MythTV is already recording Lark Rises for Fluffy and she says it was acceptable. We also tested the Roku box (who still hasn't responded to my help request). Saw two new movies Alien Tracker (lousy but it had Adrian Paul in underwear) and Evil Aliens (silly, violent, like Feast).

I got a bit of writing done, mostly removing words from Flight. Managed to lose 2.5k words so only about 46k from my goal. I also decided to look into an editor for Flight because I think the biweekly chapter approach isn't going to help me trim it down. The quote was a bit of a shocker ($10,000) but after some major help from Diana P. Francis, I realize that if I want to edit Flight this way, $6,000 is a reasonable amount to budget for. That will take a bit of time to fund, but at least I have a goal. And probably a post tomorrow to explain why I think I need an editor.

I also managed to get a bit of programming. Mostly on the Javascript theme framework to get the Summer Day theme to handle Simple Machines Forum. It isn't perfect and I had to redo it twice, but it should be "good enough" in a day or two for me to move to the next step.

I also got some quality time with Fluffy and EDM, when he got home. And random crises at work. So, productive weekend.