Juggling and waiting game

We started the house search process. Actually, it started a few weeks ago, but today was really only the second day that I was involved with the process. Historically, I'm easy about where I live. As long as it has the basics, I'll live there: roof, walls, and Internet. Everything else is pretty much optional. I also work on rules, so when you exclude places without a fence for the dog, Internet access, and easy travel time to work, there isn't that much to consider.

Fluffy, on the other hand, is considerably pickier about houses. We found it easier for her to pick her top few houses and let me decide which one I like.

Today, we just looked at four houses. The first we found was just about perfect for me, the second was great, and the rest were... acceptable. I really like the first one, but we have a few more places to look at this week. Which means, five days of worrying if someone else is going to get the one I love (if that is the one we decide to get).

On the other hand, there is a good chance we'll make an offer on a house within a week. :)

We already had one place we were looking at sport a shiny new "sold" sign by the time we got there.