House purchase: 21.2% completed

Well, in the last 48 hours, a lot has happened and all of them pretty much lock me down to the inevitable path of owning a house. Fluffy did the first round of looking for houses and got it down to the six she liked the most. The one I originally wanted was sold before we got a chance to try it out again and we found another serendipity house that was fantastic. We had a lot of trouble deciding when we came into the second to last house. And it felt just... right.

So, on Sunday night, we made an offer.

Monday was an entire day of obsessively checking email to see if they accepted it. Almost an hour after the deadline, I decided to bug my realtor (I refuse to put in the registered mark here) and found out there were some mistakes in the offer. But, they were "seriously considering it" which just added another few ticks to the Stress Meter™. But, then things suddenly rushed forward and they accepted the offer as long as we finished the paperwork properly.

Tomorrow I'm going to the bank to get a mortgage (we were pre-approved). The guy doing our loan (who is used to neurotic people like me) doesn't think there will be any problems, which is a relief.

The plan is to close at the end of the month. Schedules are made, people are moving forward, so I have twenty-some days to sit there and stew. Because there is really nothing I can do at this point besides signing papers.

Now, while I'm not... prone to excitement, this is me excited. I'm planning out my buyer's regret for the first few days of March, but I'm excited about owning a house again.