And in the writing side

Well, Feburary is here and I pretty much blew through my plans for the month. Originally, I was going to spend "part" of January working on my writing obligations and get into the lovely crunchy bits of programming.

That didn't happen.

Instead, I worked on the commission I donated for a fund raiser, wrote about 50k worth of my serial, and finished up two stories for commisions. On the word count side, came out to just under 70k words (yes, I know it is meaningless except for the commissions).

I also got a large commission that the commissioner upgraded to a huge one (15k words). It is a sequel to the last one I wrote for them. I loved writing that first part, so this next one is probably going to be just as fun.

I'm thinking about doing a "writing income 2011" much like Jim C. Hines did. It isn't nearly as impressive as him, but you know what? I'm not that far up the ladder yet.

So, Feburary looks like it is going to be writing mostly. I have the commission, which should take about a week or so, and four serial postings. And maybe another short story I started but failed to finish before the first issue deadline.

I'm also formatting and uploading books for a local publisher on the Kindle. Kind of fun, but got to figure out how I'm going to point people in that direction so maybe get a few sold.

Other than that, it looks like a good month is coming.