A general set of just getting things done

Sometimes, I look forward to the end of the weekend. Not just because I love my job, but also because that is the point I frequently look back at everything I did and just say "I feel good about this...." This weekend was one of them, mainly because I got this overwhelming deadline loaming at the end of the month. So, either I finish all those little things littering my office, or I have to pack it up and move it.

The big things on my plate (besides playing with EDM, spending time with Fluffy, and cleaning) was writing. As usual. I'm still trying to maintain the one posting per week schedule. This week was a painful one because I couldn't quite get my words on the page and the deadline was getting rather close. It ended up being a 10k word chapter. The next chapter is going to be smaller, but then followed by another huge chapter filled with epic plot revelations, hopefully some tears, and generally quite a few hours to write.

Now, this would be perfectly fine except for that whole "house moving" thing. Packing is a serious undertaking for anyone and for me, my office is the big thing. Actually, it's a flat out horror of what happenes when LEGO and DVDs wage war against my books. Sadly, the books won and the carcasses of their opponents are strew carelessly among the tables, bookshelves, and everything else.

I blame my obsession with creating dramas with my toys.

I'm also a slob.

My current hobbies take up space. So that also means that I have a lot of boxes to pack. Weeks one and two of this month is going to be dedicated to packing my Stuff That I Don't Really Need. I got through the first ten boxes yesterday and it feels good to see a neat stack of boxes slowly growing in the center of the room.

I also started on a short story for the writing group in three weeks. This is going to be an experiment with Amazon Kindle sales. My plan is to write a short 10-20k word story and throw it up on Kindle and see what happens. The current plan is to write something in the same world as Flight of the Scions but self-contained. Call it world development or my desire to have a dramatic knife fight on the back of a horse.

Finally, I have my commission. That is due in four weeks (pretty much the week of the house closing). That one is going to be somewhat detailed (15k word minimum). I'm still in the planning phases for those (yay for my 5 km lunch walk), so I'm not planning on really starting that until after I finish the short story.

Somewhere in between all of that, I added some functionality to my chan2atom web application. This is to convert imageboard postings into an Atom feed. Mainly I can see comments on some of the stories/conversations I enjoy. It's pretty much alpha right now, but it does much of what I needed it to do.

I also squeezed in taxes, though didn't file because I like to wait a full day before posting.

And, just because I wasn't doing nearly enough, I decided to figure out every commission I've ever earned. Not entirely sure why, since it is a depressing number compared to people I know. But, I think it would be cool to graph the money side of my writing career in the future.

So... a good weekend.