And things move on...

I'm almost a week away from closing on my house and I'm both terrified and excited at the same time. Just like when EDM was born, I can't picture what my life will be after that point. I suspect the part of me that isn't disappointed with life is also the same bit that doesn't let me think of what it *could* be like. Instead, I get the joy of finding out exactly what it will be like.

Though, I'm getting tired of packing. For the last two weeks, I've been focusing on my office which is the nastiest part of the house (and also the junk drawer of the house). It also houses the library, the DVDs, and all my computer stuff. Needless to say, it was also a pig sty which made it even harder to pack.

But, I'm near the end. Less than nine days until I close. And two days after that, movers come to haul up boxes from the basement and stick into a truck. I'm going to move in the preceding two days, but only a few car loads of the important stuff (computers and light things).

I would have thought that during this time, I wouldn't be working on other things. Apparently not. I managed to get out get out a few chapters of the serial (though I put it on hold for the next two weeks), a few stories for anthologies, and the first two chapters of a novella (BAM) I want to experiment with on Kindle.

And Fluffy made me a new profile picture. I'm going to keep the "Mf" moon for MfGames and switch over to one of me. This means that you'll see my smiling mug... hope it doesn't scare you.