Casting Call is free for this week

One of the reasons I published Casting Call on Amazon was to try out the Kindle Select program. It is in there for 90 days and Amazon Prime members get to "borrow" it for free for all three months. During that period, I get one five day period to make it free and pimp it out as much as I can.


This week is it. I'm not going to ask my friends to pay for my story, so if you want to see what I wrote, this would be the week to do it. Hopefully, it will show up on a few people's radars and maybe get a bit of interest.

Pimping out my stuff is not a skill I have yet. (Actually, my results to date are... pathetic.) I haven't figured out the right mixture of community and charisma that most of my writerly friends seem to have. Since there is no magic formula, I have to figure it out, but I think the best way to do it is the same as my writing: just keep swimming.