End of the free era... for Casting Call

For the last week, Casting Call was free for everyone. Now, for the next 83 days, it will be a free lend for Amazon Prime people and $2.99 for everyone else. In the week it was free, I had 182 downloads and 1 review. It was my second review ever and also a 4-star one.

The plan after that is to move it over to Smashwords and/or Lulu to see if it can get a bit more exposure.

I was also happy to see that it go on the High Tech bestsellers list for the last two days with a peak just under the front page (#21) but as soon as it ceased to be free, it dropped completely off the list.

Thank you for whoever gave me a review and also for everyone who downloaded. I hope that it will equate into some sales some day, but right now, I'm just happy that it got into people's hands.

This was also a chance to explore a few new areas of the Internet. I created a link over at Reddit and over Kindle Boards. Both are interesting, but I'm liking Reddit almost as much as Twitter.