A busy little weekend

So, this weekend I went to the cabin. During Labor Day, I wanted to take down the dock for winter, but we ended up not having enough time (SMWM and EDM wanted to go home) to plan anything, so it didn't happen then.

It was a fun trip, but very cold and exhausting.

I don't like driving, but it was a six hour drive I had to do. I was also congested, which make it miserable. Fortunately, I had all these lovely plot ideas I needed to work out, so I planned out stories and made up novels I'll never have the bandwidth. There was music, but never anything high BPM to really enjoy it.

When I got up there, they had a cold snap. Weeks of 25+ C weather and then half that. When we finally did get the dock out, it was snowing that morning. We managed to get it through the worst of the hail, but I got smacked a few times as we took down the dock. It was also cold at night, cold enough I was shivering.

As usual, I did technical support and got lectures. Only four hours this time (of lectures), mostly on the usual topic of my weight. He also made me feel like I had to justify my writing, to explain why I was dropping commissions and if I was actually working toward a goal of being published. It takes a parent to make you feel like a stupid little kid. sigh

The next day, I headed back home. Six more hours, two more novels. The three days of congestion and cold turned into a nasty cold. I got fairly sick and I ended up pretty much sleeping twenty-four hours straight.