That point where it is no longer easy

Since I've been ignoring Author Intrusion TS for a month and some, I decided to get myself up to speed on what I need to start writing novels with it again.

The next "biggest rock" was immediate corrections (auto-correct). And this is also the point where suddendly everything became harder. I've noticed this was a lot of libraries, languages, and API. You see it in the "get a store written in ten minutes". The problem is, you can get a shell of a store in ten minutes, you can't really create a full-blown commerce site in ten minutes, day, weeks, or even months.

Usually what happens is that you try to do something that isn't obvious with the framework (or API, library, whatever). And then, to get that working, you rip out all of that "in ten minutes" and rework it from the ground up.

When working with TypeScript and Webkit, everything was great with editing until I got to these corrections. In Microsoft Word (and Libreoffice), if you type a double-quote, it will convert it into a fancy quote. But, if you undo (control-z), it will undo the quote to fancy first, and then a second undo will remove the quote. I need the same thing with Author Intrusion, but the undo/redo system build into the contenteditable system didn't allow it.

In the Gtk# version of Author Intrusion, I did a command pattern to handle all of these. However, with the events from Javascript the action has already happened, I just have to keep it in sync. It changes where and how I create commands in the TypeScript version.

It is also that turning point when this program goes from a toy implementation into something more serious.