Sand and Ash 03, Pacifism, and the Chosen One

It is time for the third chapter of Sand and Ash.

Chapter 3: Nightmares

Looking back at this, this is the chapter that ties back into Sand and Blood. It is brushing against info dump territory, but I think it's okay.

The biggest indicator is that this isn't a young adult story. People are going to die in this book and at least a few of them are going to get laid. The problem is that many people seem to think that Sand and Blood is a young adult simply because they were teenagers in that novel, but it was just a starting point for this story (which is ten years later).

We also get a chance to see Chimípu, who I adore. She is also the “Chosen One” that I wanted Rutejìmo to stand next to; I don't like writing stories about the person with all the powers, I want the person struggling to do even a little. That said, she's pretty awesome.

The entire sterility aspect of warriors came out while I was writing this chapter. It tied back into some evolutionary theories. In specific, the desert warriors gain considerable power and talents to protect the clan, not a specific person. Warriors don't get married (at least in this part of the desert) and they don't focus on one or even a few people.

Most importantly, this chapter is the point where the reader finds out Rutejìmo's opinion toward violence. Someone once mentioned that the penultimate chapter of Sand and Blood was uncomfortable and brutal, but the events in this chapter are the direct response to that chapter. It was suppose to be painful to read, mainly because it was painful for Rutejìmo to experience.

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