Sand and Ash 06, Faríhyo, and Kiríshi

And the sixth chapter of Sand and Ash is now available.

Chapter 6: The Next Job

When I wrote Sand and Blood, I'll admit that I really didn't like that I couldn't give more of the clan more “screen time.” It was a relatively short novel (only 70k words) but the story was as long as I thought it needed to be. Yeah, I couldn't have added more building of the world, but I was afraid of overwhelming the reader with a score of other individuals before they disappeared for twenty-something chapters and just popped up for the last two.

This novel had more opportunities for me to handle that regret. The two women, Faríhyo and Kiríshi, both have a rather significant role in this novel. They aren't the main characters, but they are important as the story goes.

An interesting aspect of this story is that my wife was pregnant when I started writing this. Having a child in a story ended up mirroring a lot of the experiences during this time, even when things took a turn for the worse.