Sand and Ash 31, Flight of the Scions 13, living, and dying

I don't always plan things very well, but sometimes when I stumble on a plot, it feels right.

Sand and Ash 31: An Unexpected Role

Chapter Thirty-One is an important chapter for me. As I mentioned in the original outline for the novel, Rutejìmo was suppose to be saddled with Mapábyo as they left the city and the two would work out their personal differences in the middle of the sands. It was a few chapters of talking until they ended up having wild, angry sex and making up.

But when I wrote it, something else happened. I decided that Rutejìmo would be kicked out of his clan and then be forced to be a “non-entity” and all the consequences of his actions. Chapters later, I realized that his struggles to survive opened up a path that almost no one else could take.

Of course, I couldn't really figure out what that path was until I finished Sand and Bone. Fortunately, I was able to bring that revelation back to this chapter to help finish up this book. And it let me name what he had become: kojinōmi, a priest of the dead.

Flight of the Scions 13: The High Life

Chapter Thirteen is the point most of the writing group started to forgive me. They hated Pahim both times I sent the novel through the writing group. (They also hated her name of Kanek, but that's okay, Pah's annoying).

I think the forgiveness came because she is finally beginning to see that she may have had a mistake. I don't know if this is creating a two-dimensional character out of Pahim, but he's really a freeloading little ass. And the initial thrill of having him kissing up to her is fading when she starts to encounter people who actually respect her as a person.

Yeah, this probably ties from my life a little. Attention, any type of attention, is an addictive thing. When someone says all the right things, it is hard to resist. Even if you know it is wrong, it is so hard to pull away.

But, sooner or later, something happens and you realize that you have to leave.

Let's say… I had that point which is why I live in Iowa now.