Sand and Bone 3, Flight of the Scions 37, and epic fights

While Sand and Bone's chapter is a relatively short one today, it has almost as much impact on the plot as the epic boss fight does in Flight of the Scions as we move to the end of that novel.


Usually, I take November off from writing to do a “fun” project. Sadly, with my backlog of writing, I can't really do that. Instead, I'm going to try focusing on getting my websites cleaned up and get through my commissions.

I might do the “fun” project later (which is to actually create the map for Fedran.

Sand and Bone 3: Exhaustion

One of the things I've gotten better at is introducing the crux of the plot faster and, more importantly, being more obvious about it. In the third chapter of Sand and Ash, I actually introduce the entire conflict of the story in only a few paragraphs. There are two major plots in this story, both have a nod in this chapter. If you want a hint, the first involves walking across the desert naked.

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Flight of the Scions 37: The Germudrir Pack

In one of the middle versions of Flight of the Scions, the chapter was actually the first of four battle scenes in rapid succession. I wanted an “epic” conclusion of the novel where the reader felt satisfied with how it ended. Of course, that version also ended in a sad note.

I changed both of those. One, this ends in a happy note. The other is that there are a lot more chapters between this fight scene and the final one. I also got rid of two of the fight scenes (one got moved over to Kin-Killer).

That still doesn't preclude this being my favorite action scene of the book. There is a lot here: a mother's love, friendship torn apart, a thin justification of using a conlang throughout the novel, and a bit of tears. It also has Maris pretending to be Ryu from Street Fighter.

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