Sand and Bone 6, Flight of the Scions 40, and connected plots

Another week passed and I have two more chapters. Sorry it took so longer, there was something more important to watch last night. There is nothing in common this week but a bit of discussion on how these two actually connect together.

Sand and Bone 6: Kosobyo City

In Sand and Bone, I wanted to get away from the two major locations of the first books. At the same time, I needed to start linking up Rutejìmo's story to Kanéko's because this book is tied to the fourth book of her series (Desert Child). That is a remarkably hard task since Desert Child won't be written for at least three more years, so I have to have the plot hooks for that book in this one.

The Kosòbyo clan is one of the biggest ties between the two books. Kanéko's mother is a Kosòbyo albeit a poorly educated one who's only talent is killing people. That gave me some leeway here to build up the richness of Kosòbyo's culture and society in this book before shocking Kanéko in her fourth book with the contrast with her mother's world (a daughter whose father didn't want her back) and the white world that Kanéko grew up in. In effect, a “everything I knew is wrong” that I feel some folks going back to “their roots” encounter.

Of course, the big question is why Garèo didn't teach Kanéko the “real” society. Well, that ties into his book Kin-Killer and his own reasons for leaving the desert.

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Flight of the Scions 40: Combat Leadership

This is a beat chapter, a single moment in what would have been a montage in a movie before Flight of the Scions slides into the climax chapter next week. It is also the point where Kanéko finally confronts her father about her lack of magic.

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