pyoke #lexember 1

One of the many aspects of building is Fedran are the languages everyone speaks. I didn't want a single language that everyone spoke simply because we live in a world with thousands of languages and just as many different cultures. This ties into the desert being the “barbarian” world in one series but having their own rich culture in their own; part of that culture is their language.

As part of writing Sand and Blood and Flight of the Scions, I started creating Miwāfu, a constructed language loosely based off a couple of my favorite languages.

In the conlang circles, there is a challenge to create a new word every day for the month of December. This is called Lexember and has a lot in common with the more famous National Novel Writing Month.

Lexember 1: pyoke

The first word is a pretty simple one, pyoke [].


  • pyòke: /ꜜ
  • pyōke: /pjoː.ke/
  • pyóke: /ꜛ



  1. The largest two fingers on the hand.
  2. The fingers of a male.


  1. The fingers of a child.
  2. An object that has the appearance of having fingers.


  1. The smallest two fingers on the hand.
  2. The fingers of a female.
  3. The basis for detailed font or script height as the width of a woman's smallest finger.



  1. A very light touch or caress with the intent of attracting attention.