My publications for 2016

I was browsing around the Internet yesterday and noticed that a number of writers are posting various eligibility post about what they have written this year that may eligible for a reward in the coming year. It is also a chance to get the word out for the more obscure pieces (such as mine).

Looking at my bibliography page, there is only one piece this year. I was going to get a number of stories out but… that didn't happen, mainly because of the larger commissions that I'm still working on.

Sand and Ash

Sand and Ash is the sequel to Sand and Blood and is the second of the Rutejìmo's trilogy. It is set in the desert of my fantasy world Fedran. It is written in a single male point-of-view, past tense, and chronological chapters. The main character is a CIS male, a pacifist, and a social outcast. All of the characters are people of color because of the desert setting. Inspiration for the cultures comes from a hodgepodge of different ones in our world. One of the best phrases I could use to describe the overall style is “literary anime.”

A blast of air slammed into Rutejìmo. He tensed and turned away before the sand bounced off his body. It took only a second for the wind to die down around him and he watched a few golden feathers flutter past him. He looked back to where Kiramíro and Chimípu stood, but only trails of dust marked them going separate ways. Silently, he followed the one trail of kicked up dust as it made its way toward him and stopped behind the faintly glowing woman approaching him. Flickers of heat and sparks rose up from her body, lighting up her hair in a halo of flame.

“You're up late, Jìmo,” Chimípu walked the last few feet between them. She stopped on the opposite side of the entrance, leaning her shoulder against the rock. Her knife tapped against the rock, and the letters engraved on the blade flashed.

“Couldn't sleep.”

“Because of Desòchu sending you out tomorrow?”

He chuckled, and then sighed. “No, nightmares.”

“About Pabinkue Mikáryo?”

Rutejìmo realized he was holding the tooth. He pulled his hand away. “Am I that obvious?”

Like Sand and Blood, Sand and Ash can be downloaded for free from the website in various formats (EPUB, MOBI, and PDF; all DRM-free). Reviews are always appreciated.