Sand and Bone 10 and hair styles

There are certain blind spots when it comes to my world-building. I love dresses though I try not to describe them when the point-of-view characters aren't into them, but I actually notice a lot about sewing. On the other hand, things like hair style are completely over my head. It could be my general dislike for hair on my head or the fact that I can't get rid of it fast enough (I'm getting that “side fringe” instead of going properly bald). But, I don't really think about hair styles when I'm writing.

Sometimes it's forced on me. When Dan Howard did the original cover of Sand and Blood, he gave Chimípu reddish hair. The scene was sunset and everything would be red-tinged but I decided to make her hair reddish because of it. Also, she had straight hair so naturally she had straight hair to match.

Of course, you can't see that with the abstract covers, but the history remains.

Now, as I was going through Bone, I realized that I didn't talk about hair styles. So I started fleshing out hair for the eastern desert, which generics resulted in tight curls and kinks of the straighter hair of the western desert. They have the slight variance of colors also, but that is because I love anime hair.

There are so many lovely details in the world, eventually I'll give hints for all of them. It will take me time, it's hard to keep it all in my head.

Sand and Bone 10: Westerners

In Sand and Bone, Rutejìmo finally makes it back to Kosobyo City. In the many years up to this point, cities were small enough that he could find his way. But the sheer size of Kosobyo City is overwhelming and he quickly becomes lost.

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