Sand and Bone 17, Choice, and Wisdom

It's a short chapter today but another one leading up one of the more painful chapters in the book next week.

The Choice

While I didn't set out to write the Hero's Journey, it is a narrative that this story is fitting into nicely. This chapter is one of them, mainly because Rutejìmo stands on the threshold of the Crossing the Threshold. He has to make a choice to enter a new world and he does.

The important part, and the failure on mine, is that he doesn't think about the choice. A few short paragraphs for what would probably be the most important decision in his life.

“No, it's true, Mípu. The only way to give me a chance to get home in time is to send me in the straightest line, which would make me the easiest to ambush.”

With a sigh, he returned his gaze down to the rocks. He picked one up and rolled it in his palm, struggling with the swelling of emotions. He was going to die. Probably alone in the middle of the desert where no one would lead him to Mifúno's embrace.

Rutejìmo almost threw up, but he managed to keep it down. The answer was obvious the moment they mentioned it. But, it took him a few minutes to quell his fear to let the words out. When he managed to look back up, he could feel the tears burning his eyes. “Let's tell the others we're splitting up.”

He caught only a look of relief and sorrow in their eyes before he looked away.

The failure came back to the reason I wrote this story in the first place. He was supposed to be the “man next to the Chosen One” but in this scene is the hero. Of course, it makes sense since he's the main character of the novel, but I ended up being so happy that the decisions and struggles he experienced up to this point made the decision obvious. It wasn't forced, not the speed he made the choice or the acknowledgement that he was the one most at risk to being killed. Three books leading up to this choice.


This chapter also ties in the events of the entire second novel, Sand and Ash.

“I am Fidochìma, and I speak… for no one right now.”

For those who read the second book, the above quote is significant because it says so much. It also pushes Rutejìmo further into the path of speaking for the desert. The one thing I like about this plot in the story is that most of it doesn't have to do with violence. It is happening around him and people are dying, but he continues to be a pacifist despite all the horrors.

Next chapter, I get to show off Fidochìma's fractal archery skills which I think is cool.

Sand and Bone 17: Splitting Up

After making a decision the night before, Rutejìmo has a terrible night of nightmares and being sick. When he wakes up, he found out that something changed and it won't be only Chimípu running for their lives.

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