Bryan Aiello podcast

This afternoon, I did my first audio interview/conversation about writing. It was with Bryan Aiello and his new podcast.

I have never done a podcast before. It started with some technical issues, Google Hangouts did not like my laptop and, due to plumbers an hour before, my primary computer was completely torn apart so they could replace a bathtub drain. I ended up getting it working at the ten minute mark where you can hear me.

Like most people, I dislike my voice. It isn't nearly as nasal in my head or high pitched thanks to my skeletal structure. I was also rather quiet. I thought I was speaking loud enough but apparently I wasn't.

It was a conversational podcast. I fumbled in a few sections, got the word count of my novels completely off by 10k words each, said that Ruben was on the autistic spectrum (with hindsight, he really isn't), and mentioned my struggles with miscarriage. I'm also sure I meandered more than once.

Otherwise it was pretty fun. I got to talk about how I like my breadth of experience and knowledge to build the world.

I also got to talk about my R5-D4 plots, which I think is an underlying concept for my Fedran writing.

So, if you want to hear me talk about writing, world-building, please wander over to YouTube and check it out.