Anniversary, Website, and Sand and Bone 30

This week has been a lot late, I apologize for that. I decided to redo the Fedran website and try to fix a few things. Fortunately, this week is a very short chapter that bridges two important scenes.


Today is my seventeenth wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe my wife hasn't strangled me at this point. I'm still remarkably happy that I've been with her so long and that she supports me on all of my crazy plans, even writing.


Every time I thought something would take only a few days, I'm horribly wrong. I decided to spend most of the week working on a redo of the website to fix a few things that I needed for my future plans. Sadly, I didn't get done but this weekend I have other, higher-priority, items to work on. It is now mostly functional but there are a few items missing.

I like the new look. The landing pages, like Sand and Bone, have changed drastically. There are a few missing things, those will get filled in “later”.

The biggest reason I made the change is so I can schedule releasing chapters. Even if I can't write the post, I want to make sure each chapter comes out on time regardless. The new version, based on Cobblestone, is also set up to run in a build system thought the Fedran website is far larger than any other website.

Going forward, it should

Sand and Bone 30: Keep Moving

Devastated by Chimípu's death, Rutejìmo couldn't stop walking. Even without magic to keep him moving or anything for safe, his cries echoed across the desert with every step.

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