Relik da Martin ne Golid, The Unspeakable, and Second-Hand Dresses 11

This week we introduce a potential conflict of the novel and the reason for Kendrick's difficulties. We'll find out later what Relik da Martin ne Golid has over Kendrick, but for the time being, just a little gentleman's introduction into the story.

Relik da Martin ne Golid

There are not a lot of characters in this novel. Relik is an interesting though, mainly because he doesn't have a direct influence on Lily for quite a while but he obviously wants something from Kendrick. He is also the reason Kendrick keeps running away, which is something I like because it frustrates Lily. In all honesty, if Kendrick nuzzled up to her, this would have been a much shorter novel.

This chapter also introduces Relik as somewhat of a manipulator. He demonstrates a deep knowledge of Lily's life. He knows who is circling around her, well Hasan and Kendrick. He also is aware of where she lives and probably has a good idea of her finances (he does). On the other hand, he puts on a great show when Lily claims she doesn't like Kendrick.

As I write, I realized that I'm putting in a hook for other stories. They are there in the strangest of places: the prison, the jail break, Relik's information network. For Relik, I could quite easily seem him playing a “long game” of intrigue which means he has the grand potential of having a finger into some of my other potential plots.

The Unspeakable

When I wrote this chapter, I had no idea what Relik wanted. I knew that he needed to be there, as someone who forces Kendrick to always be on his toes. The reason took quite a while, actually, mainly because I had to develop the world and the culture more to realize what would cause Kendrick to not want to uphold his part of the bargain.

Around chapter fifteen or so, I figured it out but the hints I have in this chapter are still valid, so I left them in. The reasoning is trivial for me, but when I look at the context of Lily's and Kendrick's world, I think it makes a lot of sense.

It also helped me develop some of the ideas of formality in the world. Relik feels that it is Kendrick's obligation to reveal the secret, even though it would obviously help Relik if Lily knew exactly the reason. This establishes the beginning of a Gentleman's Code among the High Society men, something the women won't always be privy too.

Second-Hand Dresses 11: Visitors

As Lily is struggling with Nirih's dress, she is interrupted by an unexpected visitor, Relik da Martin ne Golid. He provides some insight into Kendrick's struggle but requests a favor from Lily at the same time.

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