NaNoGenMo Prep, ICON, and Second-Hand Dresses 18

A short week for the blog post. Lily gets a chance to get Kendrick while they walk home. Nothing raunchy, just sweet.

NaNoGenMo Prep

My preparation for NaNoGenMo isn't going that well. I have about 42k words left to write before November 1st. Mostly I'm having trouble with getting through chapter twenty-six of Second-Hand Dresses without feeling like the story is going to hell, but I'm trying to focus on finishing it so I can go back and clean it up.

You may noticed the word count went up. Apparently I forgot about a 10k deadline in mid-November, so I have to add that to the list.


If you are going be in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area this weekend, consider wandering by and saying hi. I'll be at the Mariott Hotel pretty much all weekend, either at Broken Typewriter Press table or doing a panel. I'm going to be signing books at Barnes and Noble Thursday night. For more specifics, check out yesterday's post.

Second-Hand Dresses 18: Memories

Together, Lily and Kendrick walk home in the rain. Protected by his magic, Lily finds comfort in just talking with him. But too soon, it would end.

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