NaNoGenMo, ICON, New Laptop, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 19

I had some technical difficulties this week, so it is a short posting again. This week, Lily is happily working on her dress when she is interrupted once again. This time, it is from Margiold who is in a fury because her daughter's dress isn't done weeks before it was done. Unreasonable? Probably. However when Lily breaks down, she finds comfort from an unexpected source.


My plans to enjoy NaNoGenMo might be in jeopardy. Over the convention, I had a series of expensive problems (laptop got destroyed, car's oil pain got cracked) so I might have to focus on completing more commissions. That will suck away the energy I have to do NaNoGenMo, which is heartbreaking. However, I have to be “responsible” before having fun; that is what I keep telling my boy.

I won't have a laptop until Wednesday at the earliest which means I won't be able to write anything until then. Thursday is my writing group night so… nothing for almost an entire week. We'll find out, but if it comes to push, I have to do obligations first. The cool part is that I'm writing this blog post off Gitlab and the CI setup I've been using does all the rest.

New Laptop

I am excited about the new laptop. I haven't had one in about eight years. While it was a 17" with a large keyboard, it wasn't large enough for me. This time, I'm trying a 2 in 1 that folds back and then also bought a ten keyless Cherry Brown mechanical keyboard which should make it more comfortable when I get up to my full typing speeding. Anything around 100 wpm starts to cause me a lot of pain. The monitor is small but I'm hoping that it will work out if my wrists don't hurt as much.


Baring the above bad news, ICON was a fun convention. I got to chat with a lot of people and maybe made a few fans. My reading wasn't really attended (my wife and a good friend came but no one else) so the bump in book sales didn't quite happen. I am happy to see that my new covers were pretty much universally preferred over the old one.


This chapter isn't that raunchy but there are a couple details that probably aren't work-friendly. After Lily breaks down, someone comes to her rescue from an unexpected quarter and Lily is thrust into a position where her fantasties become a bit more real, not to mention her hopes are confirmed as she is comforted from the abuse.

Second-Hand Dresses 19: Fury

Once again, Lily finally gets into the groove of working on the dresses when Marigold comes in, furious and ready to fight. Despite Lily's attempt to placate her, the far more powerful woman rants about Lily's skill and effort because Lily has not been working exclusively on Nirih's dress. When she leaves, Lily is in tears.

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