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Lexember 8 - pumakyoni

I'm participating in Lexember, a month-long challenge to come up with a new word for my conlang every day for the entire month. I try to follow a theme, so this year's entries are all related to describing desert magic.

Lexember 8: pumakyoni


  • pumakyoni: /pɯ.ma.kjo.ni/
  • pumakyòni: /pɯ.ma.ꜜkjo.ni/



  1. To phase or walk through solid matter.



  1. To perform an action that phases through solid matter.

    • Sand and Bone 23

      Gichyòbi jumped in front of Rutejìmo and broke the line of sight. His leap had carried him over the charging warriors. He hit hard, swinging his weapon down toward the ground.

      Instead of bouncing off the earth, the blade easily slid into the stone as if it wasn’t there. Gichyòbi’s gauntlet dipped into the ground as he swung forward. Rutejìmo followed the movement through Gichyòbi’s shoulders before the weapon came up in front of him.