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Award-Eligible Works for 2017

As we come up to the end of the year, here is an exhaustive list of things I've written that are eligible for 2017 awards.

Sand and Bone

Published June 13, 2017, Sand and Bone is the third and final book of the Rutejìmo. It (and the previous books) can be read for free online, PDF, EPUB, and MOBI [here](Sand and Bone.


Now a father, Rutejìmo is finally comfortable with his place in society as a tender of the dead. The rest of his clan, however, hasn't fully accepted his role and his son questions his bravery after a vicious attack. Unable to explain, Rutejìmo attempts to demonstrate his duties through action instead of words but fails.

Everything changes after a violent bloodbath with enemies disguised as friends. Rutejìmo begins to lose all that is sacred to him. It's up to him to find his way back to his family and his solace, running for his life, his redemption, and his honor. Can Rutejìmo battle his biggest enemy, himself, before it's too late and his legacy is destroyed once and for all?