Bodice Rippers and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 30

When Lily wakes up with a torn dress and a man face-down in her lap, there really is only one thing she can do: try not to get too excited and take a shower. Of course, even a simple task like that can be fraught with dangers.

Flight of the Scions

I'm thinking about not writing meta-posts for Flight of the Scions, the next book I'm releasing because I've already done one for every chapter. I wanted opinions if anyone is reading and enjoying these, would it be enough to point to the old ones or should I write up something fresh for the upcoming chapters.

Bodice Rippers

If you can't guess, I like the bodice rippers of the 80's and 90's. They were some of my favorite romance and horror movies, though I always felt that guys needed to have their clothes ripped off in a frequent basis also. Sadly, the latter never really happened but that doesn't mean it doesn't color my writing (and reading choices).

Lily's dress was a nod to that scene, though one aspect of those stories is that the only time they get a repaired outfit, it usually means it is going to rip again. Sadly not this time but I wanted that outfit both for the “inspiration” in this scene but also just tied into how she solves it.

Side note, I adore MacGyver also.

Now, there are other times when I feel that something like should happen but don't want it to be a turn-on. For example, Kanéko in Flight of the Scions is trying to cut down someone's outfit to fit her for travel (she spends most of her trip barefoot and in the same clothes) but cuts too much. It leaves her midriff bare. That scene wasn't for the titillation that Lily's scene was but more to show that Kanéko tried and failed (a common thread) but she was adaptable to what happened.


This is a naughty chapter. Probably makes sense since Lily and Kendrick are alone for the first time after baring their hearts, but it's still a good thing to warn everyone (plus, you know, I said I would).

I do notice, the guys enjoy oral sex a lot in that. I wonder why…?

Second-Hand Dresses 30: Morning Embrace

Lily wakes up to find herself cradling Kendrick in a rented room. Struggling with her desire for him, she flees for a shower to get the smell of her growing excitement and the previous night's soaking off her. When she gets back, will she be able to resist him?

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