Lexember 21 - semura

I'm participating in Lexember, a month-long challenge to come up with a new word for my conlang every day for the entire month. I try to follow a theme, so this year's entries are all related to describing desert magic.

Lexember 21: semura


  • semúra: /se.ꜛmɯ.ɾa/



  1. The flare of heat and energy that forms with powerful uses of magic.

    • Sand and Ash 18

      Light burst from an impact, and he saw the runes of Chimípu’s blade flare with the clash against the other woman’s spike. Each letter was bright as sunlight but faded instantly. With the next attack, the runes flashed again. As Chimípu rained down blows, their attacks became a lighting storm of attack and parry.