Skipped Posts, Nearing the End, and NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 39

Lily has finally finished the dress. It is perfect to everyone except herself. Fortunately for her, her obsession was interrupted by Mindil and Kendrick who are more than willing to distract her.

Skipped Posts

I've been a trifle overloaded over the last few months. While Second-Hand Dresses has been updating steadily, I forgot to write my weekly post. I apologize for that.

I'm still steadily moving toward the end of the novel. The various plots are tying off, ideas finishing up, and relationships being consumated (repeatedly).

Nearing the End

I actually see the end of this novel. At the current plot, chapter forty-three will be the epilogue and the end of the novel. Once I finish that, I'll probably start serializing Flight of the Scions and letting this one sit before going over it a few more times.

I don't plan on updating Ello or Wattpad with the edits. The primary home is on because it picks up my changes within a day.

Not Safe For Work

This chapter has a few naughty bits, so it is tagged NSFW.

Second-Hand Dresses 39: Pleasurable Rewards

Lily is finally finished with Nirih's dress but she just wants to obsess over a few last details. Mindil, on the other hand, had other things in mind when she forced Lily away with fingers and kisses.

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