Mailing Lists

To make it easier to read my chapters and posts, I've hooked up a number of mailing lists to my various websites. This way, you can get the chapters or my blog posts (or announcements if you want them less frequently) directly to your mail box.


At the bottom of Fedran pages is the mailing list. The difference of this one is it is just the chapters that have been posted, no commentary, no discussion, just fiction posted every week like everything else.

If you prefer to use a news or Atom reader, you can use

D. Moonfire

To have these posts (or just the announcements) mailed directly to you, you can go to and sign up near the bottom of the page. The “Announcements” will be the occasional email telling you about new books finished (read edited) and convention schedules. The “Posts” versions is every blog post. The advantage is that you won't miss one because of Facebook's or Twitter's “best” filtering.

If you prefer a feed reader, there are:

  • Announcements:
  • Posts:

If I do a raffle, it will be based on the mailing list, Patreon, and direction subscriptions.

Broken Typewriter Press

Even though I've done it a while ago, Broken Typewriter Press also has a mailing list at the bottom of the page. (It also has a feed too).

Whenever we do a raffle, we use subscribers to the mailing list as the options. I never liked it when established customers aren't included in raffles, so we include everyone even if it is a raffle for a convention or our mailing lists.

Double Opt-In

In all cases, when you subscribe, the system will send you an email to verify that you wanted to subscribe. You'll have to click the email to accept it. A second email will be sent to verify that. This is because bounces are terrible things when it comes to our hosting service, so the double request helps make sure no one accidently hits “spam” or bounces the email.