Marriage Proposals, Second-Hand Dresses 40, and Coming Next

As we are in the final stretch of Second-Hand Dresses. As of today, the novel has been drafted out and the rest of the chapters scheduled.

Marriage Proposals

This chapter is near and dear to my heart. As I've said before, my marriage proposal was… not very graceful. There were a lot of things said but I distinctly remember it ending with:

Me: “Did I just propose?”

Them: “I think so.”

Me: “Good.”

This chapter is a nod toward that event in my own life, a non-romantic marriage proposal that is yet meaningful for the characters.

Second-Hand Dresses 40: Morning Kisses

Lily wakes up in Kendrick's arms less than an hour before she presents the dress to Margiold, Sarlin, and Penir. Her morning starts sweetly until Kendrick asks her one important question.

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Coming Next

Next up will be Flight of the Scions. I am not planning on posting to Wattpad or Ello for this one, mainly due to lack of feedback and because the platforms won't let me automate posting. I know its a minor thing, but I have so many things going on, I'm finding that the chapters are getting behind. The chapters on the feed because those are automatically scheduled so they happen without me dropping the ball. The Fedran will also pick up any corrections from edit, something that I can't easily update on Wattpad or Ello.

I also did fairly in depth posting about Flight of the Scions a few years ago, so the posts on this site will be more announcing the chapters and a bit of news, not much else.

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