Underwhelming Projects, Second-Hand Dresses 41, and Coming Next

As we come up to the end, so do the little threads of Lily's life. This week, she finally finished the dress that has been haunting her for weeks. But she isn't alone, she had friends willing to encourage her through the last few steps, like presenting the dress to her mother and Marigold.

Underwhelming Projects

For most of my life, programming projects never ended in a rush of celebration. Instead it was just showing off the final results and basically saying “well, here it is.” The popping of champagne even on the biggest projects never happened.

With writing, it is the same time. Just a “well… I'm done.” This is magnified by me releasing chapters weekly. I don't have a good point to celebrate “release day” because there is either “I'm done posting” or “here's the book”.

As you can guess, this chapter has a little bit of that. Don't worry, Flight of the Scions has a much bigger ending, complete with mushroom cloud and flying toad parts.

Second-Hand Dresses 41: The Dress

It was finally time. The dress was done and all the women controlling Lily's life were showing up for the presentation. After weeks of struggling, Lily gets to finally find out if she went too far.

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Coming Next

Next up will be Flight of the Scions. I am not planning on posting to Wattpad or Ello for this one, mainly due to lack of feedback and because the platforms won't let me automate posting. I know its a minor thing, but I have so many things going on, I'm finding that the chapters are getting behind. The chapters on the feed because those are automatically scheduled so they happen without me dropping the ball. The Fedran will also pick up any corrections from edit, something that I can't easily update on Wattpad or Ello.