Flight of the Scions is now beta!

This weekend, I had good news and bad news.

The good news is that Shannon Ryan had returned my first round edits for Flight of the Scions. I thought it was perfect since Mark Lawrence just announced the next SPFBO.

I figured it was the perfect time to get Flight ready and submitted. I had until August.

No, no I didn't.

At this point, SPFBO should be closed by Tuesday with three hundred books. There is no chance at this point of getting it through the editor which means I'll be submitting it for next year's, if they have one.

That doesn't mean I can't use the August as a deadline to get Flight finished. So I finished integrating edits from Shannon and pushed it up. This also means that Flight is officially in beta! I'm still posting week-by-week, but if you want to read the now polished version, consider becoming a patron and supporting me. It's only a dollar.