Jogūchya Card Names

This week, as patron-only content, I'm expanding the contents of the cards in preparation to drawing and illustrating them.

Flight of the Scions 30: Blindspot

As the trio continues to head back home, they are attacked by Damagar.

Jogūchya Cards

This week, as patron-only content, I'm introducing my designs for a deck of cards set in Fedran.

Flight of the Scions 29: Change of Clothes

Feeling dirty and anxious, Kanéko uses some stolen clothes from Corbin to get a new outfit.

Introducing Patron-Only Content

As part of my new goals, I'm introducing patron-locked posts. These will contain various subscriber content or previews of upcoming content.

Flight of the Scions 28: Life's Lessons

Kanéko has a chance to hunt for food. As they prepare it, Ruben gives her a lesson in telepathy.

Using RPG Mechanics to Balance Written Characters

One of the two panels I did at ICON 43 this year was Using RPG Mechanics to Balance Written Characters. This panel focused using RPG games to supplement the writing process. Along the way, I got to bounce ideas off the audience and crystallized some of my thoughts.

ICON 43 Retrospective

After a four day weekend of having fun at ICON, my home convention, it's time to focus on other things. The fleeting moments, though, are always good to write down.