Poem - Bunny Tail

For the second day of National Poetry Month, I wrote a little poem about the sexualization and biases of the dalpre as they integrate into society as “free” people.

This will always be one of those topics I'm uncomfortable with, which is why I write about it. It also ends up being a tool for pushing my own understandings about racism because it is difficult to self-reflect on deep seated biases without a mirror to work against.

I'm sure this isn't the “right” way to go about it, but I still feel it is important step for me to take. It also is part of exploring the breadth of the world, I have a race of animal/human hybrids that were slaves for centuries. The magic that was used to create them is illegal but that doesn't mean its a happy ending. The United States' own handling of blacks is a good reason that it can and will linger for centuries, no matter how much I wish folks would just accept it.

Bunny Tail

On the first of a winter eve,
With the icy wind blowing
And the cold damp soaking my boots,
She was there.
Just a bunny tail bobbing
Back and forth
Flex of one leg and then the other.
It moved with her steps.
In a field of her blue dress.
She drew my attention.
I'm ashamed to say I stared.
Oh, how I stared.
A rabbit woman at school?
Could she cast spells?
Did she have a talent?
Who would let someone like her in?
Why did my heart beat faster
just when I saw her walking by.
I wanted to know more,
So desperately to learn,
Aching to touch,
To see if she was real.

Many of the themes in this poem are also in Flight of the Scions for much of the same reasons: Kanéko is growing into her own sexuality and there are relatively few dalpre in her life. They are exotic and alluring and the same point she is questioning her own interests. Though, I'm thinking she's more of a “cat girl”.