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National Poetry Month

Poem - Why Not Let it Be?

Poem - My Father's Ring

Poem - A Child is Born

Poem - Love Among Girls

Poem - Fifty-Three Years

Poem - A Child On a Bed So Soft

Poem - Yes, Sir, I Understand

Poem - She Speaks For Death

Poem - Kill Them All

Poem - Pumps and Gears

Poem - The Stone and I Breathe

Poem - Wisps of Clouds

Poem - Unexpected Reduction of Memories

Poem - Ageless and Invulnerable

Poem - I Am Shadows

Poem - Drifting Thoughts

Poem - Damn the Sands

Poem - The Desert Sleeps

Poem - Hush Child

Poem - He Said Yes!

Poem - Burnt Hills and Embers

Poem - Soft Browns

Poem - Black Skinned Monsters

Poem - Inscribing the Rune

Poem - A Stranger

Poem - I Love Them All

Poem - Leaving My Love

Poem - Sand Bites Hard Now

Poem - Spin, Drop, Slice

Poem - Bunny Tail

Poem - Waiting for Change

National Poetry Month