Poem - He Said Yes!

For a little sweetness, I wrote a little poem about a trans girl finding a boyfriend. I figured it was a good unicorn chaser to yesterday's poem but also because there are parts of my world that is accepting of trans and queers (we all have to have a safe place).

One of the things about how I decided to write my world is that the point of views are limited and biases. However, this means that it came sometimes come off as a certain author making a proclamation that a main character was gay but never having it shown “on the page” as it were.

“A banyosiōu of the night, another runner with a dépa spirit.”

Five years ago, ostracized from his clan, Rutejìmo had become one of the banyosiōu. He was treated as one of the dead, someone who could not talk or attract attention without the fear of being killed. His time ended after a year, and he rejoined the living. For most, becoming a banyosiōu was a punishment for the rest of their short, brutal life.

Rutejìmo knew the courier. They both worked for the same person back when Rutejìmo had been kicked out of the Shimusògo for a year. They were as close as day and night could be, the common bond of chasing a dépa giving them solace. But, Rutejìmo was allowed to return to the living and the other man was not.

Chapter 26 of Sand and Bone

I hope that if I get to the stories, like Kanochyòba above, that it will be something special. At least it will be for me, though I suspect knowing everyone's back story will make it more emotional to me.

In this world, the desert is no friendly toward queers. One might say it is rather aggressively determined to shove people in specific sexual roles. This is part of the story of Neither and a few other stories. However in this case, the poem is set in Lorban which is “mostly” accepting.

He Said Yes!

He said yes!
Yes to me and my shy question.
Yes to me as I tugged on my dress.
Yes to me as I feared the worse.

He said yes!
Yes to me and my chosen name.
Yes to me as others mock me.
Yes to me as I'm ready to run.

He said yes!
Yes to me for who I am.
Yes to me knowing what I am.
Yes to me even when I revealed myself.

He said yes!
Yes to me.

Of course, there is something to be said that I'm catering to a “diversity bingo” card. I don't think it is, I'm writing about people in my own life and aspects of my own experiences.