Poem - Drifting Thoughts

On the sixteenth day of April, I present another poem for National Poetry Month. Today we have a little piece about high society and telepathy. Much of this was inspired by Second-Hand Dresses and Her Silken Touch.

I would also say it is inspired by novels with heavy use of telepathy which would include So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane and The Last Herald-Mage by Mercedes Lackey. I absolutely adore both of those books growing up. One might say they were both influential to my current views today.

Drifting Thoughts

Drift in and look around.
She's thinking about her dress
And what the handsome man by the wine is thinking.
How much did she spend on her shoes?
She could get a better deal.

Drift out and then to another.
He's thinking about money
Where to move one investment
And where to hide a few coins for later.
Oh, only one drink tonight for him?

Drift around, looking for thoughts.
Something dark and violent.
Flashes of war across my mind
As the smiling baroness
Tries to forget her final battle.

Drifting endlessly
The woman in front of him is staring
Wondering if I think she's pretty.
She is, but her thoughts are flimsy.
Too shallow for me tonight.

Drifting without hope.
The party is going on long
And no one seems to have interesting thoughts.
Money, sex, and vanity
In an endless wave.

Drifting to a newcomer,
A woman in a black dress.
Her thoughts?
Black as her elbow length gloves
And as deep of despair that I've felt.

Focusing, looking for answers.
Her eyes catch me across the room
Brown with hints of red.
And then a smile.
I imagine saying hello.

"How interesting," came the answer in my mind.